folding wardrobe / Doors abatek


The new collection of folding cabinets is a new concept where the doors go on the structure of the dressing room Kubbo or Ebako , depending on whether the choice is with full interior lining of the wardrobe or not.

In-line, corner and U-cabinets with an unlimited number of doors can be manufactured. A patented tape design by VESTUM, hidden on the sides is the best option for a new aesthetic where we only see doors.

In the vertical profiles of aluminum there is the possibility of lighting. The new hinges pivotantes, hidden (only in the ends of the doors), facilitate the incorporation of removable accessories and an exceptional design for these novel doors with self closing and damped brake.

The combinations of finishes, woods, melanins, lacquers, glass, aluminum and leather accessories, the multiple options of doors, framed in aluminum or solid, the customization of its interior according to needs and the manufacture of all its components to measure. It is the best option for built-in folding or not, design cabinets.

The option of showcase, all glass exterior, is the best proposal to separate environments within the same space.

folding wardrobe